Milonga Tula at Gayley’s Cafe in Toronto officially began in the fall of 2014. Its intention is to offer a “living room dance” experience for the Tango community. Good music, good food, and good times – just like dancing at home with friends. A charming place and welcoming atmosphere can really bring dancing folks together like no other venue.

Cafe owner and tango DJ Tatiana Rogova liked the idea of dancing in a small cozy space from her previous experience of facilitating similar events at El Cafecito, another local coffee bar in Toronto (2012-2013). Working in partnership with local dance artist Katya Kuznetsova, they organized a full program of regular social dance events, featuring a different Toronto dance sub-culture every night of the week. In addition to a Milonga, El Cafecito hosted Balfolk, Salsa, Swing, and Kizomba nights. Tatiana and Katya also organized a photo contest and exhibit featuring works of Toronto Tango community photographers. In turn, their work at El Cafecito was featured in the Hearts of Tango documentary. Overall, it was a wonderfully creative time, both for the organizers and the Toronto social dance community.

Milonga Tula, homegrown from the seeds of dancing together at El Cafecito, is now flourishing at Gayley’s. It’s on the first Friday of every month. DJ Tatiana.