At Gayley’s Cafe, we enjoy keeping it simple. Folks come here for good food, friendly service, and face to face conversations. We are not fast, but we do love making you feel at home.  We also enjoy hosting live dance and music events, as well as featuring works of local artists. Yes, we are all about bringing people together.


The cafe is small, independent, and family run. We appreciate the uniqueness of our customers, as they do our’s.  We know all our regulars; some of them have come almost every day for over fifteen years. Very often, our orders are written as “Steak for Mike” or “Terry’s breakfast” because the chef already knows exactly what Mike and Terry want.  To us, this is beautiful.

Made with Love

Having a meal with us is like eating at home.We serve traditional diner food: all day breakfasts, soups, sandwiches and daily specials, as well as several new healthy options, like buckwheat and kale salad. Since our start 17 years ago, our popular dishes, like pancakes and crepes, apple compote, hollandaise sauce, hummus and salsa have been made from scratch, with unprocessed, uncomplicated, whole ingredients. We love food, we love to make and serve food, and most of all we love when people eat and enjoy our food. We look forward to seeing you here.